Do you still point up

When things do not go your way?

Watching the rugby on Saturday, I noticed one player pointing his fingers towards the sky shortly after he’d scored a try. It’s a common thing to do these days, acknowledging someone or something beyond yourself when you succeed.

Have you ever seen a sportsperson pointing up after they miss a goal?

It’s hard to be thankful when life does not go the way you hoped it would. It is, eventually, possible to find something to be grateful for, but not always. I’ve encountered  people going through the worst of times recently and the last thing they need is someone telling them to look for the silver lining. This is the third blog post I’ve started and given up on today for that very reason. Because sometimes you don’t need fingers pointing up. Sometimes all you want is a friend to be down in the dirt with you for as long as it takes.

So today I’m not going to talk about rainbows; instead I’m sending up my thanks for the people standing beside a friend going through hard times.

I would also leave this thought with you: the same God you point to when things are going right is still there in the dark when they’re not.

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