Forget the what if’s

The what was, and look at what is.

I’ve been spinning round reminiscing about the past, struggling with the present and fearing the future. Then I realised something. To live happier lives, we have to see what we already have, what we can do and what or who is ready to hand if we’re stuck.

I recognised some time ago that there is no joy in grasping at the straws of things that did once, could or should happen. We all need to look round and treasure what is available to us in this moment. So, what do I have right now? A dog sleeping by my feet, music playing in the background, children happily slurping their hot chocolate and a book waiting to be read. Looking back or looking ahead steals that happiness.

Are you struggling with worry about the future or pain from the past? Or is someone else who is close to you? Maybe it’s time to be their present light. Maybe it’s time to get close to the light around you. I love it when new hope rises from an unexpected place or person. Read the Christmas story and you’ll see it in its truest form. Hope has come.

Can you see it?

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