Take your time

I have heard those three words a lot, especially in recent times when my balance is completely off. They have never annoyed me; quite the opposite.

There is a part of me that is ashamed of the way I stumble and panic people watching me but tonight, as I set to writing this, I have decided to turn away from shame and focus on gratitude. When people ask me to take my time they are not showing impatience, just beautiful kindness. In this world of every man or woman for themselves, I give you the countless people who have been considerate of me. So no, the world has not entirely gone to pot.

I wasted time today trying to justify my indignation about something. Now, I’m spending time remembering the smiles, the concern and the offers of help. I’m celebrating that in fact.

Which leads me to ask, when was the last time I took my eyes off myself and shown kindness to someone else? Every time someone comes into my head, I need to let them know. I can’t physically do anything, but, remembering how much a card or a message means to me, I can do that.

How can you help someone else take it slower, how can you lighten their load? Even if it’s just speaking three words to them?

‘Take your time’.

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