A new thing is coming!

As COVID throws its heavy blankets of fatigue over my already tired body, I have been close to giving up all hope. I forgot to laugh, to sing, to look out at the blue skies, to step into the garden and breathe in fresh air. The idea of making a change or trying something that may be scary but could be good didn’t even enter my head. When we decide we are tired and everything is too much then it is very easy to give up.

Last week I was given a bunch of green stalks. On a second look I realised they were daffodils. Two days after that, the closed heads began to open. Then, full, bright, beautiful yellow flowers appeared. Just like that, I remembered that things can change. We can change.

As I write this I’m remembering that there are steps I can take to improve my situation. Like asking for help. That’s a good place to start, isn’t it? It can feel like we’re beyond help, that we have left it too late. Not true. I’m working up the courage to get someone in to clean for me. But every time I look at the state of my usually pristine house, I don’t want anyone to see it. I’ll probably clean it myself then get a cleaner. Ridiculous I know.

If we wait until we are more presentable, if we put it off until ‘a better time’ it might never happen. When the flower heads are still closed, when the blankets are smothering us, that’s the time for change to begin. And remember, there are people who are skilled in helping us. My husband would wander round a shop for ages, hoping to find things by himself. Don’t be like that. Search for someone who can help and ask for it. It’s much quicker and more thorough that way.

Do you see that things are overwhelming you right now? Even if you’re giving up, there are still hands to reach out to, or ears to listen. If I had not realised the green stalks were the beginning of flowers, I would have missed their glorious change. If you can’t see it yourself, ask someone else to point it out to you. Because you are on the cusp of something wonderful.

Watch for it.

Spring is coming.

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