There’s no such thing as bad weather

Just the wrong clothes.

I was thinking about that Billy Connolly quote and changed it a wee bit. How about ‘there’s no such thing as can’t, we just haven’t found the help we need so we still can.’

As things physically become more and more difficult, I need to take a different approach. Rather than focusing on deficiencies, why not look for ways to overcome them? The best walking aid I have had for years now is my trekking poles. With them, I feel steady and can walk at least twice as far. The last time I was at the airport I flew (pardon the pun) through security in a wheelchair.

Once we realise that no-one is looking or judging, because actually people are more worried about themselves than anything, we can embrace the help without shame.

Maybe for you it isn’t a physical crutch. Maybe it’s medicinal, psychological, a hobby, good food, or best of all, a good friend? I watched two women heading into the cold waves last week, holding on tightly to their pink floats and walking side by side into the sea. In the freezing heart of January! It was so clear to me that they were helping eachother by doing that.

What do you do that gives you a lift? Have you found it yet? I’m thinking that it’s time for me to find something else as well. I’m not sure yet what it will be.

Have a think about your bad weather clothes and the things that help you through your storms.

It’ll make life a little easier if you do.

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