‘Do one thing every day

That scares you’

Or so says Eleanor Roosevelt.

I was thinking today that in the past I had a whole rake of things that I could use to build up my confidence. Those things are all a distant memory now.

However, without thinking about it, I have developed little ways of challenging myself every day. I’m not teaching a class of adults, giving a presentation or driving places I don’t know any more. Now, seemingly tiny tasks slightly terrify me. Who would have thought going to the shop for milk would become a mammoth feat involving my stick and a trolley! But when I do it, I’m always pleased with myself. There is a huge temptation to hide away. My son told me yesterday that every morning he has to force himself off the sofa to head out into the cold to get the bus.

I’m sure most if not all of you struggle to force yourself to get up and out. Now, more than ever, as the world has closed up for everyone, we’re all facing fears we have never encountered before.

Sadly, for many, it’s not about picking something to challenge us. Life is scary enough without us needing to look for it. I’m just finding little stepping stones to make it through the stormy seas as best I can. Setting manageable tasks and putting my hand into my Maker’s every day is the only way to keep going.

Do you feel like your confidence has left you? Would you rather hide away than step out into the unknown? One thing I have learnt is that when we face one fear, we get a wee bit stronger and more able to overcome the next.

Think about what you have faced in your life. Think about what you have already overcome. You are a lion. Walk out every day and remember that.

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