The other side of it

At the end of another unremarkable day this week I got to thinking about tapestries, as you do!

I realized that if we just viewed things from another angle, they might not seem so terrible. I forced myself to look beyond another embarrassing day of walking unsteadily and spot the number of positive things that had happened that could easily have been missed. I remembered then; the man behind the till asking for my bag so he could pack it for me, the woman who asked me if I was alright when I was slow putting the trolley back and the other one who had asked for my help to get something she couldn’t reach herself.

We might just see the tangles but someone else can pick out the beauty. It is easy to feel that everyone can only see the flaws we struggle with every day but the truth is, most barely notice that part of you. What they recognise is what else you do or say that helps them too. I was so taken aback that someone looked past my stick to find a person who could help her. She will never know how much it meant for someone to ask shaky me to give them a hand.

Like swans, most admire their gracefulness and forget about their frantic padding beneath the surface. Of course sometimes we need acknowledgement that life is a huge challenge for us, but other times it is so good to realise that when people look at us, they don’t see our frailty first.

There is so much more to you than the burdens you carry. When people look at you they may notice your struggles, but I’m almost certain the first thing they will take note of is your strength.

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