There will always be

Another chapter.

This week I have been struggling with the feeling that things are stuck and will never change. Then I started thinking about my inability to write a sequel to any of my stories and I realised: I need to make room for things to turn a page and start a new story.

Do you feel trapped in your circumstances? Can you not see them changing? I know that feeling, but in those times when a new chapter feels impossible, start to write one anyway. It could be the smallest thing, like deciding to go sit in your garden instead of your sofa, or having a coffee with a friend, or pulling out a jumper from the bottom of the pile that you haven’t worn in ages.

Of course, big changes are possible for you too. If you’re not happy with the status quo, there are often ways to alter it, like getting a new job, cutting your hours down to part-time, starting an evening class, finding a new hobby or a group of people that share your interests or life experiences. I don’t do any of those things anymore and am realising that I have let my disability stop me. If the objections are building up in your mind, don’t let them have the final say. There are always ways around things.

If that is too daunting, or if even the smallest of new steps feels too hard, then look out your window and think about how every day is different and the seasons will always change, no matter how much of a rut you find yourself in.

Meeting new people at the shops or in the park can give you a lift too. To share a hello or a smile can make your day. Even when you think that nothing is different, let the changing people, scenery and weather carry you through.

To have a life that is hard to add new chapters to doesn’t mean that your days are meaningless. In fact, they are wide open to exciting, new things. Look out for tiny chances and grab onto them with both hands.

There is a blank page in front of you, just waiting for you to write on it.

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