You wouldn’t believe

How many present day knights I see.

Maybe this is the one advantage of frequently being in need of help, that people are able to show me their heroic side. You could almost say without any damsels in distress, there would be no knights.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be the independent, strong Joan of Arc type, but life has had a different path for me. And you know what? Days full of struggle and weakness can also be packed with other people’s strength. If you are able to accept it.

Every single day I get to see the heroes that are close by me. My family step up all the time, but outside of that I could tell you about someone who unfailingly stands by the car and gives me his arm into church, the cashier who packed my bag and lifted it in to my trolley without question and the star of the show who valiantly drove his mobility scooter over potholed roads and up steep hills just to see me.

I will never know if these kinds of courage would have happened anyway, but I am almost certain that the way I am, which causes me so much frustration, has created this remarkable world of remarkable people just for me.

Of course, it is possible to rescue someone from a seated position too. The written word has opened that up for me. Can you think of any other ways to save someone? I could tell you of the best Rescuer we could have, the One who holds us fast through every storm, but I’ll leave that up to you.

Now that I have shown you my rescuers, I wonder if you can see yours too?

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