That backbone

It’s hard to lose it, no matter what life throws at you.

That’s a photo of my twelve year old daughter, doing something she was nervous about. The only girl there. She has shown courage many times already. Just this week she walked in to the doctor’s surgery by herself because I couldn’t.

I started to think about where she got that determination from. Then I remembered that my dad, in his mid-eighties, cut the grass yesterday (front and back) and my mum, battling with dizziness and nausea, goes out for a walk ‘even when she just wants to lie in bed’.

I’m very thankful for that legacy, although it is very hard to emulate. It makes me stand up and do the little I can do. It keeps me pressing on.

I read today about Ukrainians lighting candles and praying for peace as the Russians kept dropping bombs. I saw a picture of a soldier collecting food for Easter in his helmet. Even in terrible times, people try to keep going.

Can you recognise that in yourself or in people around you? Think back and see what you have got through, and remember that strength is still in you.

Make a list in your head of all the things you have done and remember it’s not finished yet. There’s more you can do still. The goals might have changed, but your backbone hasn’t.

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