Everyone deserves

Something more. So fill up your bird feeders, put plans in your diary and get ready to really live.

Almost every day I phone my mum and  we tell each other what we did since we last spoke. There are hard times when she has been too sick to speak let alone do anything. This past week, I haven’t been much different. I’ve been thinking about my dear granny, who did so much with her life and then passed the end of it holding onto her diary and the tiny list of visitors she had each day. She was not an exception. Many are like her, sitting hoping for a new face to smile at them, or a small bit of news to talk about, surviving on the memories of a previous, busier life.

Some of you are run off your feet busy with packed schedules, but others may need to remind ourselves that life may be thinner now, but it is still there to enjoy. Having to do something, however small, to tell another person we have done it is not a bad way to live.

This way of living probably depresses most. Facebook is packed full of photos showing people #makingmemories. Maybe at one time that would have made me sad, but now I find I just love seeing them.  There is something to be said for vicarious living.

On the other hand, what might be insignificant to most can be a big victory for you. Everything is relative. If one small thing fills you with a sense of achievement then that is more than enough. It might be a fear faced, a new change begun or a friend made. For one person it might seem easy but if it was hard for you, then that is worth celebrating. When I was finishing up my treatment today, another patient was away to get a Burger King. That was his reward to himself for sitting for five hours hooked up on a drip. You see? It might seem like nothing to you but it was the ultimate reward for him.

One person’s molehill might be another person’s mountain.

What’s yours?

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