Favourite things

What do you think about when you’re feeling a little beaten?

I’m not going to talk about my own difficult circumstances again, you’ll be glad to hear. This time, I want to think about people, places and objects that make me so very thankful for my life.

Every weekday morning I stand and wave my two off to their school bus. Even better, I watch them coming home with more of a spring in their step. They are my two shining lights. Thankfully they have never asked the crazy woman with messy hair in a dressing gown to stop waving out the window at them. Yet!

I can’t even begin to speak of the countless times my parents, siblings, friends and other half have helped me without question or pause. They are the strong arms beneath me when I’m falling, the supports on either side when I can’t find anything to grab on to. I can only hope I am ready to do the same for them.

Last week I was looking across the blue of the Back Strand in Donegal, remembering not to wreck the beauty by wishing I was closer to it. There’s a pool I’m dreaming of swimming in. One day!

Right now I’m sitting with my feet up under that favourite blanket and there is nothing I have to get up and do. The cleaner has been, the groceries were delivered, the dog is sleeping and I am content.

Sometimes it is possible to stop the bad thoughts racing in and just focus on the good. I say sometimes, because it is a battle to keep that up. Do you have someone or something or somewhere that can help you do that? I really hope so. For me, faith in a heavenly Father who is always there steadies me. But I know how easy it is to feel stuck in the darkness. If you can, try and think about some of your favourite things.

And then, as Julie Andrews sings, you won’t feel so bad.

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