Let the sea

Come to you.

I’ve been sitting looking out at this tempting pool on the beach in Donegal the last three times I’ve been here. Watching other people swimming in it. Hearing how blue it looks and how warm it feels. But my legs have decided it is far from my reach. As I watched the high tide moving in yesterday evening it suddenly struck me: the pool might be too far, but when the tide comes in, places to swim are closer and almost possible. Changing your approach and letting go of the original plan is not giving up,

Is there anything that you can see but never reach? Do you dream of being able to do something that your mind tells you is impossible? Let’s look at it from a different perspective. Let’s believe in alternative ways of achieving what you feel right now will never happen.

I told you about the mobility scooter I nervously tried the other week. On it, I was able to reach places I hadn’t been close to for years. It’s not the way I wanted, but it brought so much within my mostly tiny world.

Can you see another way of achieving the dreams you feel are slipping away? It is a frustrating way of being, but maybe there is a different solution.

This evening, or maybe some time over the two week holiday, I am going to wait for the tide and try to catch it. So it’s not the distant pool but something like it is coming within my reach.

Can you look at your impossible dream and find another way to get it? Or can you do that for the person you see who has given up? I really hope you find a way. Dreams are not only for the go-getters.

They are for everyone.

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