The heart of it.

I was sitting on a deck chair while the rest of the family headed on to explore the beach when my daughter ran back to give me what you see in the picture above.

I looked round at the magnificent views on every side- Hornhead, Tory Island, Muckish mountain and of course the ocean, but I kept glancing down at that heart. It reminded me, yet again, that if I stopped counting the things I have lost and focus on the most vital gift I have within my reach, life can feel a whole lot better.

Of course, the Beatles weren’t quite right when they sang ‘all you need is love’, but it’s a good place to start. That stone heart did not keep me warm as the wind blew around me, and it wasn’t much company. I had to start my own conversations with strangers (don’t tell the family) and zip up my coat to meet those needs. Sometimes waiting for a rescue starts with us helping ourselves.

I looked beneath the heart in the picture today and was reminded of a wooden cross. You see, the warm notion of love fades. The sentiment is not enough. My daughter found that heart and gave it to me. God sent His only Son to die so that we might know He loves us in a real, gritty, indisputable way.

How do you guarantee that the people around you know you love them? Do you tell them? Do you show them?

I came across the question a while ago which asked ‘have you hugged your father today?’ Or in other words, have you shown someone that you love them today?

Will you do it again tomorrow?

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