Don’t stop trying,

Just find another way.

There’s a very steep hill above the shore where we stay in Donegal. We were there for two weeks and I vowed I would get down and back before the holiday was out.

Two days in I stupidly attempted to do it. Too soon. I made it down but getting up again was a nearly impossible feat. I told myself off for overestimating, but a week later I made the same mistake on a different hill.

There is a shaky line between optimism and being downright foolhardy. Common sense cannot be thrown out when we decide to do something big. It is hard to hope and simultaneously face our own shortcomings. Sometimes the bravest thing is to let go of old intentions and find new ones. I did get down to the water again. But a kind person made it doable with his four-wheel drive. It was the only option.

Do you feel that you are putting your all into something and never achieving what you hoped? Are you close to giving up? Maybe it’s time to find another way. Maybe there is someone waiting in the wings to help.

I am learning to push away the memory of what I used to be able to do. And search for an alternative route.

Everything becomes possible if we pull in the support of other people or things around us. It might feel humiliating to ask for help but actually, it is empowering. Those things you can’t reach anymore? Well you will get there, it just might take someone else to give you a foot up.

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