Beauty out of pain

I have lost count of the blog posts I have written that talk about the kindness that I have encountered at hard times in my life. But this past week I have been hugely outdone.

No-one could have predicted the overwhelming outpouring of grief and love that was displayed all over the world when Queen Elizabeth II died last week. Everyone knew it would be a momentous occasion but I’m sure no-one would have expected the five mile long queues as people waited to pay their respects. So long, they could even be seen from space!

The tears that have been shed, the hearts that have broken cannot be counted. But what did people do then? They stepped out to honour and celebrate the person who had prompted it all.

I love the idea that grief and pain start and finish with love. Every rose that was thrown towards the coffin today reminded me of that. Better still was the commentator speaking of rainbows being seen over Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle!

I wonder what will happen when the flowers are swept up, the grave is filled over and everyone goes home. Will the dedication and service be echoed by all who spoke of it? Will the love shown be extended to those on either side of us?

Will I show kindness to others the way it was shown to me?

Surely the greatest way to honour someone goes beyond standing in the cold for hours and becomes a lifelong act of faithfulness to others the way people associate with our Queen.

Our good works may never be recognised throughout the world, but they are more precious than gold to the person who receives them.

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