The constants

When life is always changing, it is so important to have unchanging things close by.

The four of us (plus dog) have cleared out of our house to make way for the builders, plasterers, plumber and electrician to get to work on our extension. Just so you know, I hate change. Always have and, at the age of 42, I probably always will.

In this ever-shifting world, it’s the things that stay the same that hold us fast.

I could write a whole blog extolling the virtues of a good, comforting cup of tea (or coffee). Even the process of making it is calming. Whatever is happening in your day, a hot drink makes it so much better.

There is a blanket in our house that I had to bring with me. Everyone has sat under it at one time or another. My son pulls it over his head every morning to try and hide from the impending doom of school. When it’s over my knees, the dog seeks out an edge to snuggle into. Somehow, the cold, hard facts of life feel better when you have warmth around you.

Beyond things, faithful pets, friends or family can be the safety net when we feel like we’re falling. My dog whines at the minute when people leave the room. She needs a lot of reassurance. Just like us

It is remarkable that at nearly every hard place, tea is offered. If someone dies in Northern Ireland the tea companies must rub their hands with glee because it is constantly on tap. When I was in hospital this year, the nurse offered tea, sandwiches and soup. Things might be horrible, but there are always ways to make them a tiny bit more bearable.

Are you having a bad time? Find the things that bring you reassurance and let them help you through. Better than that, talk to a friend. And think about the Father who never changes, covers you with His wings and holds you in His Everlasting arms.

I hope you’re all heading to the kettle now! And have a biscuit. Have two. Go on go on, you will, you will!

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