Dead ends and turning points

I am dreadful at driving anywhere new. I remember going somewhere a couple of years ago. I put it into Google maps, turned the radio off and the spoken directions on. Unfortunately when I am nervous I tend to turn before I need to. That day, I heard at least twice the words ‘make a U-turn’. And then what? I drove on, blindly hoping I was heading in the right direction. A great approach, don’t you think?

This week Liz Truss and the chancellor are talking about making a U-turn on income tax. No surprises there then. The idea of a leader making a clear decision and sticking to it is a fairy tale these days. It can seem as if everywhere we turn, we hit a wall.

Often we can feel like all our chances are gone and opportunities are no more. But, as I learnt when I had to turn my car around that day, there are more turning points than dead ends. Look for an alternative and you will hopefully find a way through. Maybe you can’t do things the way you’ve always done them before, but can you see another approach? Don’t concede defeat, just use your imagination to think of a different route. I was bemoaning my inability to manage something the other day and the person I was with presented me with another option. That I have never thought of before.

So don’t let your circumstances tell you there is nothing you can do. There is nearly always another way.

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