Open up

There is one lily in my parents’ pond. We have all been watching and waiting for it to show off its petals. One day it did, but since then the leaves are refusing to unfurl. It could be the cold weather, it could be the changing season, but nothing will get it to open.

Isn’t that very like us? We dare to reveal part of who we are, and if the circumstances are not right, we retreat back into our shell. Maybe someone laughed or criticised, maybe something went wrong in our lives. But, whatever the reason, we are not taking any chances again.

I can see that in my family. My daughter used to be a lot more outgoing but then she changed school and got quiet. Someone pointed out my son was going red and he rarely does anything in public now. These things could be simply growing up, but I wonder…

It is funny how we remember the times we failed so much more clearly than our successes. Every time I put one foot in front of the other I need to push the memories of falling out of my mind and remind myself of all the uneventful walks I’ve done instead.

What about you? Does the bad seem to win out over the good when you make plans? Has pain become the only thing you can anticipate feeling now? Are your doors closed to outsiders, new chances or a new you? Or can you find the courage to show your true colours?

We have to be so mindful of others when you think about what happens when ridicule or neglect closes them up. When we want our nervy dog to come to us, we open our arms wide and call her name. Is there someone you know that needs you to do that for them? The benefit of that is, it can be so rewarding for you too.

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