Out of your hands

There is always something going on in our lives that we cannot control. I was talking about that today with someone and they said if the queue of traffic was too slow-moving, they would just get out and walk. To do that was to re-take control. (I didn’t ask about the other poor person left to mind the car!)

I found the photo above earlier and realised that when I feel powerless, I often clasp my hands together. Like at the dentist, or the doctor. Allowing another more qualified person to take over can still be a challenge. Especially if we don’t have confidence in them. My son would probably tell you that’s how he feels every time I drive.

None of us can predict the future. Life may seem like it is on a certain path but sadly bumps and barriers can arise. Like when you watch a program like Grand Designs the predicted finish time always disappears as complications occur. Never say to Kevin McCloud that you’ll be in by Christmas. Never put a deadline on expectations. Hope, yes, but don’t be surprised if things don’t fall beautifully into place. I had a timeline for our extension but as it disappears into a cloud of plaster dust, I am trying, very hard, to concede defeat.

Someone else said recently, ‘hope for the best but be prepared for the worst’. I’m not sure I would like to live by that. To always be thinking of the worst, we might forget that sometimes life can pleasantly surprise us. I hate feeling out of control, but I would rather think that things will work out ok than live expecting that nothing will. I would definitely rather trust in the Father who holds me fast, than step out onto a tightrope of uncertainty and fear.

If you are feeling out of control, if your circumstances are shaking you, then clasp your hands together and trust that someone else has got this for you. That’s a challenge in itself.

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