Change is Life

Or so says Heraclitus. I came across this saying recently and it made me think. Why is change so often viewed differently? Why do I dislike it so much?

I wonder if we are so tied to the way things used to be, we can’t imagine a future that would potentially be better. Or maybe things are so bad, we think that nothing good will ever happen to us again.

You know that’s not true, that life still holds pleasant things for you. Think about a pruned tree. It may look like it is done, but in a short time, the cut branches will sprout again, in a better shape than before. The fallen leaves will be replaced with new green ones. The winter will turn to spring.

It is sometimes hard to imagine that our circumstances will alter. Hope can seem a long way off. But today I am going to expect something different. Something better. I was told that my treatment takes a long time to work. Now is the time to look for it to make a difference.

Are you stuck in a situation you can’t see an end to?

Can you join me in expecting better?

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