It’s not a forever thing.

Right this minute, I am dosed up on painkillers sitting on bed thinking, how did this get so bad? You might think I’m always full of positivity. That’s not necessarily the case.

I’m sure that there is no-one who can say they are problem-free. And so, this slightly grumpy post is for anyone who is plain fed up. For those who live with pain day in day out, I understand you a little more now. For those who look at the rain and the rainbow is nowhere to be seen, I’m with you. For those who have run out of hope, I am sitting alongside you.

Sometimes, nobody needs a Pollyanna. Sometimes you just need to sit in your doldrums for a while. And that’s ok. Life can be hard, and then gets harder still. When you think you’ve hit the bottom, it can give way.

You know I can’t leave you down there though. I have to find a way to lift us out. For both our sakes. Looking out at the dark at half four in the afternoon I am remembering something that always helps me: this darkness is not a forever thing. I will say it, I have to; change is on its way. My bones are going to behave the way they should. I will walk again, albeit not like a normal person but in my own wobbly way. Whatever you are facing right now, there are people who can help you. However impossible the situation, there is a way out.

Every year my granny bemoaned the shortening of daylight. Every year someone else would point out the longer daylight hours. Thank God for seasons and the passing of time. Even in the depths of winter we can say spring is on its way.

Light is coming.

Let’s watch for it and hold tight to eachother.

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