Thank God for Christmas

Now I’m not talking about the parties, the terrible traffic, the shopping, the financial pressure, the difficult family relationships. I’m talking about the light-filled real start of it all; when God Himself came here to show us we are not alone in this dark world.

I know the events of the Nativity most likely took place in a warmer month of the year, but I think December is perfect now- when the daylight is brief and the cold is bitter. What better time to drink warm wine and contemplate a big sparkling tree in the middle of our living room!

I know some hate this time of year because of the pain or memories it stirs up, the pressure of gift buying, the nonsense of it all. But beneath and beyond all of that, there’s God in human form, showing us that there is so much more for us than we realise. Evidence that someone has been here who understands everything that is tough about this life and chose a horrible death to prove it. And to save us all.

So when you are pushing through crowds of shoppers or sighing in traffic jams, think about the Light of the world who faced the darkness for you.

Now that is some gift, isn’t it

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