Take stock

Or don’t. I’m going to be honest with you; on this day I am finding looking over photos, starting a new calendar or catching up with social media very very difficult. My leg is still sore and my walking almost possible. My husband told me to write about what was good about 2022. I tutted.

But hold on! What have I always encouraged my readers to do? Look for the good. Search for the light. So, if you can bear it, let’s cast our minds back over these last twelve months and find something to be happy about.

My children are happy that their exams were done before Christmas. They make me laugh most days. The building work is all but finished. The heating is on. My PIP form is ready for posting. I’m starting to get bothered by not writing.

Things will get better than this. Just like the amaryllis on my window sill, the green shoots will grow and then flowers will burst out. Maybe looking back we can only see hopeless, useless things. Like bulbs. But you are not hopeless or useless. You are still full of untapped wonder. Maybe you can’t look back because life has been so tough. But no-one can predict what great things are waiting for you in your future. And, like the unpromising bulb, they are waiting to make you a smile.

So I will recycle my difficult year and look with hope to the one that waits for me and for you.

Are you ready to be pleasantly surprised?

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