Sometimes the smallest things

Can be huge. Did you know that a tiny mustard seed can become a massive tree? Last week, after a while of asking and guessing, I found out what was making my wee girl so sad. It may have seemed like a nothing to an adult, but to her, it was the only thing she could think about.

Many times I have heard the words, ‘it’s easy’, or ‘just’ or ‘it will be over soon’. The problem is, when you are in the middle of something, it is hard to see its insignificance. Especially when those words, albeit unintentionally, make a mockery of your genuine struggle. We need to think about that when we are speaking to other people, especially if they are children. Look back, if you can, to a time when you thought life could not get any harder,

It can help if you can accept that what you’re going through is really quite small. If you can believe that you can overcome it. But always it has to be in your own time. Every week concerned people ask me if I’m getting better. From the outside that may look like an easy battle. But from the inside, well…

Several years ago my aunt encouraged me to ‘stand under’ when I was dealing with my small children. Today I’m thinking about the importance of ‘standing beside’ when you are with someone who is facing a fight that is overwhelming them. Stand beside and remember those times when you felt that way too.

To know you are not alone means more than anything. If it seems small to you, remember for them it is almost insurmountable. But if you share their burden, it could well lighten the load.

Is there anyone that needs you to be close to them today?

Go on, standing beside might help you too ❤️

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