We all need

A new story. My daughter said the other day, quite accurately, ‘you don’t write sequels.’ I wonder if anyone else is tired of the same old and wish something good could happen in our lives to jizz them up a bit? Something different. Something new.

I have been trying and failing for months now to write the second part to my novel, The Lost Things. But the more I write, the more tired and bored I feel. Not one for giving up I thrash away at the story hoping something good will appear but so far I’m still thrashing.

When I think about life I wonder how many times do we find ourselves repeatedly doing the wrong thing in the hope that it will turn out right this time?

Every morning I set my feet down hoping for a miracle. Every day I live with the unwelcome reality of disability. But the other night I reminded myself that there is more going on around my stumbling feet than I often realise. On every side there are bursts of kindness. With every step, faith and the many prayers of others are holding me. I wouldn’t see that if I kept on letting the immediate story take over. That story is tiring and boring. It’s definitely time for a better one to step into the light.

Do you feel like you’re stuck on an endless treadmill of negative thoughts and feelings? Do you long for a different way of being, even if your circumstances cannot change? I always find that the best way to start is to talk to Jesus. Read about how He lived. It’s arguably the best story of all.

And the most wonderful thing is, it was written for you.

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