It has not been a very pleasant week; full of unexpected tragedy that will stay with some for the rest of their lives. I have to acknowledge that first and foremost else my post will seem unsympathetic to everyone who is struggling today.

On the same day I heard that bad news, I was sent an awesome wee clip of my one year old niece seeing the snow. She was on her tiptoes, looking over the windowsill saying ‘wow!’ over and over. When did we lose that sense of wonder? When did we become so jaded? Have you said ‘wow’ recently? Has anything happened in front of you that has filled you with joyful surprise?

Think about that for a minute.

A couple of weeks ago I fought outside with my rollator, followed by my delighted dog. It was the purple crocuses that made me do it. I sat on the garden bench and breathed in the fresh air. I was hit by a feeling then.

It was wonder.

It saddens me when the things I used to get excited about just elicits a shrug from my two now. I promised them 20p for every bit of potato peel they cleared up from the floor. They scoffed. I used to get 20p every Saturday for pocket money! Nothing impresses anymore. Me peeling potatoes or managing to put my socks on are massive achievements these days. Is there anything that you have done recently that you’re proud of? Even if things seem small to others, it was a wow moment for you. No-one can take that away.

The sea, the mountains, the woods, the flowers, the snow, a running dog, a diving bird, a newborn baby, these can all fill us with happiness. That feeling dear reader, is not only for children. It is for you too. Never be ashamed to show it, because many people are longing to be taken out of their sadness and into something much much better.

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