Be yourself

There’s another children’s song that goes ‘I am a promise, I am a possibility, I am a great big bundle of potentiality’

Do you know how much you matter, just as you are?

Look at that bunch of flowers. There is one that doesn’t fit in. Do you see it as broken or imperfect? Is that how you see yourself? Maybe because I am so aware of my own frailties, I am feeling a little defensive of that flower. Just because it does not fit perfectly into the picture does not mean it is not a daffodil. It is as much part of the bunch as any of the others. In fact, its very brokenness means it will be remembered longer than the rest.

When you look at yourself, do you wish you were more like someone else? Can you see beyond the parts of you that you are ashamed of, to recognise that the person you are is better than all the flaws you obsess over? It’s a silly defense mechanism, but I tend to point out the very thing that I’m embarrassed about, instead of just carrying on with my head held high. Every few minutes I think about walking with my hideous rollator in front of people and so far, I’ve made up reasons for not doing it. In my head, you see, I’m like that broken flower. But I am forgetting something very important; the flower is still a flower. You are still precious you. When you see a broken stem, there are still yellow and orange petals and a green base to add to the bunch. When someone beside you is broken, see their face and remember they are so much more than the one thing that they try so desperately to hide.

At the moment I suppose my ‘broken stem’ is hard to get past, but it is helping me to remember all the ways that you are struggling too. None of us is perfect, if that even exists, but all of us have exceptionally unique things to offer. Don’t let anyone say different.

‘You are a promise, you are a possibility, you are a great big bundle of potentiality‘.

Never forget that

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