All sorts

I was thinking about the kaleidoscope of people who have helped me over the years and realised that it really does take all sorts.

The most recent was on Saturday when I was making my awkward way into a pub. The slightly worse for wear man standing at the door slurred the words I frequently hear: ‘take your time’. But then, distinguishing himself further, he offered to carry me wherever I needed to go. The mind boggles.

Kindness comes in all guises and it does not do to be picky about it. Many of the people that I would say were my angels in disguise were actually smokers! Standing outside places doing something they probably shouldn’t. But they were in the right place for me. What odds if they are not the ‘right’ people. Kindness crosses all boundaries.

In fact, maybe you need to consider the startling thought that you could be just the sort of person who can help someone else. I was pushing a trolley round the shop with my stick clearly on display a few years ago when someone asked for my help. Mine. Sometimes I can’t give it but that day I could. It made me feel stronger. Does it do that for you? There’s definitely a feeling of worth that comes with helping another. But when you are not able, remember you are giving that chance to someone else.

That well-known saying from Jerry Maguire, ‘help me help you’ is true. Kindness works both ways.

And it takes all sorts, Including you.❤️

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