Even in the valley.

I’m sitting here with what would be an amazing view if it weren’t for the rain. Except that I know what’s really there in front of me*.

It’s Easter Saturday today. There could be no better day to think about being in a state of emptiness or waiting for something to happen. This morning I was reminded of so many who are stuck waiting; people on a never-ending list for surgery or transplant, foster children longing for a family, the unemployed wondering when a suitable job will come up, expectant mothers already a week overdue…the list goes on. A lot of the time it may seem like things will never happen. But we have to remember this is not a forever valley. And even there, the sun can shine.

If you are familiar with the song, Sovereign over us by Michael W Smith you will know the line ‘even in the valley You are faithful’. That keeps me going; the knowledge that God does not ever leave our side, no matter how deep the darkness we are in.

As well as that, there are always moments of goodness or brightness to keep us hoping for better. Of course there are days when nothing seems to go right. Relentless, punishing times. As I looked at that dark hill the other week it was a long time before it changed. In fact, at one point I couldn’t see it at all. But then the rain stopped, the clouds lifted and the sun broke through to show a green, verdant landscape..

I pray that you can believe that the light will shine again in your valley, whatever it may be. I’ll try and hope for that if you do.

*written when on holiday last weekend in Donegal.

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