Don’t let the memories

Of ‘better times’ stop you from making more right now.

It’s amazing how recollections can turn into good ones and the bad things that happened that very day are wiped out by a smiling photo. I found the picture above painful because it recorded a time when I could walk as far as I pleased and the notion of needing a stick or any form of support was far from my mind. That was a ‘good day’ at a good time in my life.

Or was it? Less than an hour later, I was butted to the ground by a ram. I had to go back, drink some water and wait for my baby to kick again, showing me he was ok. That was an anxious time, not as good as the photo records.

You see? Memories can mislead us. So I think, even if present circumstances are hard, there is still space for a bit of happiness too. On Saturday I was at Florence Court with my family. Because I was on a scooter I was able to be right beside them and see what they saw, in a similar but different way to what I was before. When we put the ‘once’s and ‘back then’s out of the picture, look past the walking aids and see the smiles, every day becomes so much better.

Do you find yourself looking back and hankering after times that your mind tells you were better than the present? Look again and see the wonder of what you have right now. Contraptions or difficulties can’t take that away. It just takes a bit more strength of mind, but hopefully then you will see the goodness that is right in front of you.

There will always be ‘ram’ days ahead. Hold tight to what you have and you will be able to get through. As the song goes, ‘Keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t be dismayed, cos everything’s gonna be alright some day.‘ *

*taken from the movie Green Card.

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