You are of use

It is easy to think that in a world of visible achievement, you are looking on with no idea of what on earth you can contribute.

Every day I think that, as I sit on my blue sofa and look out the window. Every day I struggle to think of what I have done for anyone else. My amazing neighbour made a spectacular cake yesterday, refusing payment saying ‘one day you will repay me.’ How? I wished I could see a way.

Earlier on today I read a remarkable sentence ‘you might be the answer to the prayer you have prayed’. How about that?! In the picture above you might think Winnie is not doing anything. Wrong! If he wasn’t there, Christopher Robin would be flat on his back, unable to put on his boots. Even if you are unable to do much, you are there.

Every message you send, every smile you give, every prayer you pray, you are doing something. There is no-one exactly like you, which makes your contribution so valuable. We will never know how we made someone’s day or turned it around in some way. Remember that when you smile at someone today or tomorrow.

So I will keep on sitting, or writing, or praying, because we all need somebody to lean on.

Never forget: you have more use or purpose than you will ever know.

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