Work in progress

It’s easy to forget, when life is tough or just very busy, that change is possible. I have heard many times the words ‘I’m done’ or ‘I have nothing else to give’. I think most of us can’t imagine that something new or different could ever be within our reach

Last week I saw an excellent physio who gave me the exercises I needed and I spoke to someone who can get me outside again on an adult trike. All of a sudden, I was able to see that there was life beyond what I have right now. I had forgotten I was not stuck forever. I had stopped believing that progress was possible.

Do you feel that your life is always going to be the same? Does the idea of something better seem too good to be true? Perhaps you don’t have the energy to make something happen, or you don’t know where to begin. Speak to someone you know who has drive, and let them help you.

I’ve come across a number of people and situations recently where it is taking longer than initially expected for things to improve. There is a point, many points, when it would be easy to lose heart. Believing that you are a work in progress means you know that you are not done. So don’t give up. You are better than that beat up car!

The good thing about ‘work in progress’ is that it can take a bit of the pressure off. Like leaving the vacuum cleaner out when visitors come so it looks like cleaning is about to happen, or giving that as the answer when asked how a project is coming along. That car looks like it is ready for the dump, but put a few red markers on it and hey presto, it’s being fixed!

When you look at your future, believe that there are always opportunities to get better. I know that is hard to do, and some days it seems impossible, but we can do it, one tiny step at a time. If you take a tiny step every day, then where will you be after 365 of them?

One thought on “Work in progress

  1. Thank you Ruth. It’s very easy with the passing of time, the reduction in our natural faculties and perhaps changing relationships to think that less is ahead, or at least the same but with massively more effort. But what’s ahead is just different, though it’s an exercise in new thinking and new strategies to get to that realisation. XO

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