‘Don’t lift the mat’ times

You know them too: the days when you do the bare minimum because it’s all you can manage. Maybe you’re stressed about more important things, maybe you’re too busy, maybe you just don’t have the physical strength, motivation or will to do any more.

Next week, that’ll be me. Next week, the main dog walker/ heavy lifter/ rescuer is stopping his remote job to go back to full time work in the city. I’ve managed before but after a year and a half of having someone else to pick up the pieces, I’ve forgotten what I’m capable of.

So, I’m back to bare minimum living. The furniture, rugs and heavy things will stay where they are and I will half-heartedly run the hoover or the mop around the edges.

This, for house-proud me, is far from satisfactory. But I need to remember the other things I have to do.

Do you ever have ‘that’ll do’ times? I suppose the main thing is, what are you doing around it? If it’s being a new mum, starting a new project, or, most crucially, taking a deliberate break, then forget about the silly stuff and focus on the things that matter.

Just do not lift any of the mats or search the settee in my house. Pretty please.

Enjoy the rested company instead!

What is perfect anyway?

A photo of a beautiful camel

We could just stop there actually. If the photo made you laugh then my work’s done.

A few weeks ago I was with my son at the orthodontist. She asked him to smile and then said, ‘we could make that smile even better’. So next month he’ll be sporting braces. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with his teeth, but these days it seems perfection is hard to obtain.

I wore train tracks on my crowded teeth for two years. By the time I got my twenties I still disliked my smile. Even today I still hide behind my husband’s shoulder when we’re taking a selfie. Honestly.

I love my son’s smile now. That will never change. My brother once told me I had a ‘kind smile’. Unfortunately that was in response to me saying I was ugly so not really a compliment either!

I would argue that everyone’s smile is beautiful, if it comes from their heart. ‘People’ have decreed that Audrey Hepburn has a uniquely symmetrical face. Her life wasn’t perfect though. No-one’s is.

I spend eight minutes every other day making my hair as perfect as I can, smoothing the frizz, straightening the kinks. I tried to leave it be once but the results were an Olive Oil-esque type of crazy!

Didn’t help that my husband called it ‘wild’.

So, what to do?

Look into a mirror and smile.

You are perfect.

Don’t work on your appearance.

You’re already beautiful.

I’d rather be wild and kind than perfected, wouldn’t you?