#stockholding memories

I have a confession to make: I hate the whole #makingmemories thing. My reason? My bad health meant that I was rarely able to create or involve myself in outings like that. What usually happened was that I would wait at home for my family to do something and then show me the photos, or I would sit somewhere close to the car and watch for them tramping back. Always, I wanted to be with them, but over time I’ve learned to accept my ‘staying behind’ life, and enjoy hearing the stories of all their adventures without me.

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How are you all doing with your own staying behind/ stuck-at-home existence at the moment? I’m sorry now I ever got envious of your #makingmemories, because I see that they are all we have to sustain us. I really hope that’s helping a bit. I know I have some recollections I am wallowing in as I sit within these four walls. Memories of seeing dolphins jumping out of sparkling water beneath a rainbow, and eating a bag of chips watching the waves at Portrush are two that always lift my spirits.

Cast your mind back and find yours. We might be fresh air and sea-view deprived, but we all have our ever-accessible, unlimited stock of mental pictures. They will never run out.

Here’s a challenge for you- can you make memories even in this one-dimensional prison of time?

About an hour ago, my two were videoing themselves throwing a scrunched up bit of paper into a bucket. They laughed a lot and so did I. Of course, I wish they were climbing a mountain or discovering a new park, but they’re here with me, and I’ll treasure that always.

I truly hope that the hash tag of making memories floods my Facebook really soon, but for now, let’s fetch some more good ones right where we are

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