Do you ever get to a place and think ‘so this is where I’m meant to be’?  Last week, when I’d managed to get down to Marble Hill beach, I had the most wonderful feeling.  It was like taking a deep breath, and feeling like I’d crossed the finish line.  I had thought that the beautiful Back Strand I described in my last post was more than enough, but sitting on the golden sand, looking across the breaking waves and the blue water, I realised that this place was more a part of me than anywhere else.  All those summer days throughout my childhood and adolescence soaking in this view had woven this shore firmly into my consciousness.  I have always found myself singing when I’m there.

Let’s be clear: it’s something, Someone within and beyond the beauty that rings true with me.  And He is not confined to space or time.  I can’t pack up Marble Hill and take it with me.  I can look at pictures, I can close my eyes and remember, but the fact is, I’m not there.  I’m in my grey, tarmac life, and the blue sea is far away now.  I would love to still be sitting on the sand, but my beige armchair is all I’ve got.

Here’s the best thing though: the God of Marble Hill is here.  He’s sitting with the orphans in the slums. He’s walking in the midst of the refugees in Syria, He is everywhere.  That is a tricky one to believe, and I find it hard to say too.  BUT, one day, we will all be given our own Marble Hill, and it will last forever.

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