The unnoticed ones.

Last night I read something my grandfather had written many years ago, and it confirmed a pre-occupation I’ve had for some time.  Reflecting on the healing of the man beside the pool of Siloam he wrote, ‘I look for God’s power in the smashing of the nations,  I see it in Your healing of the one the world has forgotten.  I see and I take hope…God is here and I know He is here for every broken soul, including me.’

This week I’ve been hearing people talk about ‘stories of the forgotten’.  Maybe it’s the fashionable pre-occupation of the art world at the moment, maybe it’s a genuine concern, who knows, but I like it.  The idea that in this digital age when we can go anywhere, see anyone, learn anything and yet still be lost bothers me.  And then it struck me: we now have the means to change that.  Small acts done individually can build into something massive.  That has only become possible in our time.  Now, remembering forgotten souls, telling hitherto unheard stories, is truly within our reach.  Each of us can come close to the ‘uns’ of this world – unreachable, unheard, untouchable, unnoticable, and we can help to change their seemingly impossible circumstances.

Now, the ‘healing of the one the world has forgotten’ can actually grow into that ‘smashing of the nations’ my papa dreamed of.  Turn your phones on, open your laptops, contact your charities and watch your small acts do something great!

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