In need of

A boost. Most days I feel like Mr Smallwood in Bleak House who tells his daughter repeatedly, ‘shake me up Judy’. Most days it seems that my energy connection has been pulled out. Most days I need back-up.

When I was watching the rugby last weekend I spotted something… When a forward has the ball and is attacking, other forwards latch onto him to increase his momentum. It made me wonder, where are my forwards right now? Who or maybe what are they?

Sometimes we have to create our own help. If two rugby players crashed into my back I’d hilariously end up on the floor, not propelled forwards. I’d rather hold on to my trekking poles than someone else’s arm. I like to set my own pace. Most of the time. Other times I want an outside strength to get beside me and lift me up.

Boosts can exist in the world around us too. Crocuses to herald the end of winter, bird song after a sleepless night or sun over our shivering bodies. A tiny hand learning to wave. A remembered song. An encouraging word from a friend.

The forward didn’t have to look behind him to know help was at hand. In real life, we do need to search for the things that will lift us. When struggles blind us, it might take a friend to find them for us. My daughter yesterday looked at a leafless tree and shouted ‘bud!’ I hadn’t noticed them. My son stationed himself close by when he knew I would need him to haul me up. His dad is always asking me if I want to ‘hook on’.

These things in nature, this family are my forwards. What are yours?

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