Try and make today

A good day,

So often we can find ourselves in a hard place and cannot see a way out. But what if we can hold onto the little snatches of possibility and see them for the good chances that they are? Chances to feel better in yourself. An opportunity to find something good when everything seems to be wrong.

When my children come home with their heads down after a hard day in school, I sometimes try to ask them to tell me about one good thing that happened to them that day. It is a practise that I think can help us to see things from a different perspective. At the end of a holiday I ask about the best bit, their favourite thing. Taking stock of the good can work to cancel out the bad, usually.

This way of living is not an exercise in grasping at straws or denying when things are tough, but it can be a lesson in survival, especially when you feel that life is getting on top of you. My granny used to say, ‘this was the best day’ after a trip out. No-one dared to point out the events that could have spoiled it. If the declaration of a good day has been made then a good day it will be.

You should try it sometime.

The sun may rise but not be seen. The whispered compliment may not be heard. But if you have decided to have a good day, you won’t miss them. Notice the best things about today and don’t let them go.

I’ll do it if you do.

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