Are you a worrier,

Or a warrior?

Last night I was trying to encourage my daughter as she faces yet another week of AQE tests in school. Any other year she would be finished, but because of lockdown they have been postponed until after Christmas. It’s horrible. She’s exhausted and more stressed than an eleven year old should ever be. At bed time last night I told her she was a warrior. ‘Not a worrier?!’ she quipped.

I wonder which one you are? I am definitely more a worrier than a warrior. Especially during this pandemic time, watching the numbers rise, seeing people disregard the rules, hearing ‘sure it’s Christmas’ as if the virus will stay away then. What I hope for, for both my children, is that they don’t become like anxious me, but find a fighting spirit within themselves to help them face every challenge life throws at them.

Thinking about it, I would argue you can be both. If you look at the child’s face beneath that heavy chainmail you can see he or she is not particularly happy or brave. Sometimes we can show a fighting spirit even when we’re trembling inside. That’s why I persist in lighting a candle every night- I’m trying to put up a fight for everyone who is struggling at the minute. It’s why I keep my head down and walk along the street even when I don’t know whether I’m up to it or not.

Even through the storms of worry, you can put up a fight. In fact, that’s one of the best ways to deal with anxiety: tell yourself you are stronger than you think and courage will come. Who are you fighting for today? Your friend? Family? Or yourself?

We are all warriors, fighting different battles, whether they’re on the outside, or inside. Being a worrier doesn’t mean we can’t be brave as well.

I hope you can see that in yourself today.

I really hope my wee girl can too.

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