The power of

Gratitude. When was the last time we were truly thankful for something or someone? It is easy to let troubles fill up our lives so there is no room, no thought of all we have been given. All that we have right now.

Last week I listened to Max Lucado saying ‘gratitude pushes out anxiety’*. So when I am alone, just as the usual panic starts to build, I distract myself by listing all the things I’m thankful for. It’s like changing your mind- from clamouring worry to measured thankfulness.

It is a surprise to me that I am still writing this when my legs are bad and my dog is constantly barking at our house painter. I could give in to irritation and frustration, but I won’t. The sun is shining, I’ve spent a lovely morning with my parents and the house is steadily changing from cement colour to a clean white, not too dissimilar to my mood!

How would you say your state of mind is today? Like cement? Listless? Could you put on a metaphorical coat of paint as you assess yourself and see that you and you alone are in charge of how you colour your life.

Make a decision and stick with it. I’m opting for a bright day today. How about you?

Anxious for Nothing Max Lucado

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