Beautiful Coincidences

Saturday was a very sad day, as we said goodbye to our uncle John. He was the kindest man I have ever known, noticing and wanting to fix the things that other people wouldn’t.

I’ve had very direct encounters with that side of him over the past few years. Another instance of being more obviously in need of help than most I suppose.

My auntie’s cottage sits at the top of a nearly impossible (for me at least) to scale hill. Any time I managed it, John greeted me at the top and ushered me to the rocking chair beside a roaring fire. Always, he wanted everyone else to be happy, well-fed and cared for. He never ever failed to do those things for me and I will never ever forget that. It was a beautiful coincidence when he and my auntie came out of the house to meet us. I know that the next time I consider climbing up will break my heart.

My son couldn’t be with us on Saturday as he had already made plans to go sailing with his friend. I passed on his apology at the time but it was only later I discovered that he had been sailing at Whitehead, the very place where John was from, the very sea that he had boated on when he was a boy. I felt that, without us knowing, my boy had said goodbye to John in the most perfect way. I don’t know how heaven works, but I like to think that John was watching him too.

Have there ever been beautiful coincidences in your life?

Can you see how you could make that happen for someone else?

It has really comforted and helped me to think over mine.

Almost like feeling the wind in my sails again.

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