You’ve got to laugh.

I know some people (my dad for instance) who never pass up a chance to laugh.

And I’m not talking about a solitary chortle. I mean the type of laughter where you can hardly breathe. Almost every time I see my dad, he always finds a funny story or an amusing incident and nine time out of ten it ends in that kind of hilarity. He’s crying, I’ve stopped breathing, everyone else there is close behind.

My granny was great at it too. She often got my uncle to recount a story when a woman hit her postman because he didn’t have post for her, saying ‘you big silly!’ Every time, she’d start laughing long before the punchline but when it arrived she’d say it and cry with laughter. It’s not even funny but she saw an opportunity to be joyful and she grabbed it.

Are you the kind of person who craves a chance to be in stitches? Life is so tough so much of the time that laughter is often left behind. But it feels so good, doesn’t it? Some things are funny even when the world is falling to pieces.

Go on, have a laugh with someone today.

After all, laughter is the best medicine.

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