No longer a slave

To fear.

That line has been running round my head for a couple of days and started yet another reflection. I can’t remember a time when I lay awake with no worry or dread about things that I can’t control. It’s a horrible treadmill of existence if we let it take over.


There is always a choice. Often it’s so hard, nearly impossible, to set our minds to positive. I chose the photo here because I saw there was light trying to shine through the chains. It reminded me that in every situation, no matter how dark or impossible it may seem, there is, at least sometimes, light to be found.

Maybe, like me, you are afraid of a lot, because a lot has happened to you in the past. What can we do? The second line to that song is ‘I am a child of God.’ I can step out of the front door or start this new year, still pretty anxious, but knowing that my heavenly Father is holding me fast. That doesn’t mean that life is easy all of a sudden but it does mean that I am never facing anything alone.

I really hope that you are able to spot the chinks of light in your life, however overwhelmed you might feel. I hope that you are surrounded by people who know you and love you. Remember, as you face your battles, that you are held by people who love you.

Best of all, remember your Father God, who holds you better than anyone.

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